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I don't really have a better name for this post - all I have are questions.

Let's lead off with, does anyone know what happened to the comms "otherkin" and "otherkinawaken"?

Ok, in case I've not introduced myself yet - which is possible, I do a lot of lurking. I'm Firehauke, an Ice Dragon who's currently manifested as a human female, 34, married to another human (male, 100% human) and living in the US east coast. If anyone is curious, I'm pagan, neoshaman.

I am Dragon. I know this, though I do have a hard time accepting it. Too much humanity has been deeply ingrained in my brain. Anyway - on to the questions.

I know our individual views of the 'plane of existence' that dragons occupy are different; but has anyone else been relocated by their clan for unknown reasons, or 'spurious' reasons?
I live here in man's world, taking care of my clan's children (from egg to young adult in age); I thought I was here because of a dangerous old, xenophobic wyrm who'd assume to kill me as look at me - because I don't really manifest as dragon these days (takes up too much energy, I guess, though I have an astral dragon form).

I'm told that this isn't the real reason I'm not 'home' - that possibly my exile is self-imposed or even voluntary. I chose this duty because I'm good with the draco-kids :) but why here? Why ever in human history? (it goes back a ways)

I need to talk to my Clan Mother/Matriarch/Head of my Clan. However, I have no faith in my abilities in magic. I have chronic depression that may or may not be a manifestation of my inability to be home. I need to find that faith and recharge, so to speak.
Does anyone know how I might do this? Has anyone else suffered something similar?

I kinda feel alone. Even the pair of dragons 'given' to me to watch over me, and who retrained me as a young human in this life; aren't giving me answers, aren't even here right now. I think they are lying to me, but I can't figure out the truth, and since I have no faith in myself, I don't know that I can find out. Vicious cycle.

sigh. I think I'm going to start a series of meditations and lucky for me, I'm not without imagery to help :)

Thanks for letting me 'bleat', I appreciate it. Wind to thy wings!
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