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Introduction or bust!

What the heck. Everyone seems to be introducing themselves these days so:

(taken from my other journal)

What's a Nanotech-augmented Dragon? A modular species which is capable of kicking ass with devistating results when attacked, is capable of performing offensive humiliation with ease when provoked and can induce gutt-wrenching laughter as well as thought-provoking headaches. The idea that my kind are sadistic killers is rather overplayed by those who don't know us very well. We tend to be advisers instead of hecklers, however, we may be critical of something that is beneath us.

Modular also refers to the shape-shifting variety of dragons that prefer the human form which is a more stable form for blending in with human society.

Standard abilities are the following as far as Nanobiotech is concerned please refer to the link here

As far as standard skin color goes, I am a black dragon. (I really got to get different avatars...)
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